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Annual Registration & Membership

Annual Registration Levy

All participants in Sorrento Community Centre activities are required to pay a $15 + GST Annual Registration Levy. Registration enables participants to access any of the activities, courses and events conducted by Sorrento Community Centre.

Association Membership

Annual 'Association' Membership is for those wishing to show further support for the work of the centre, have access to Board papers, and be eligible to stand for a Board position. 

To become an "Association Member", an additional $5 + GST Annual Membership Fee is payable.

Your application will be presented for approval at the next meeting of the Sorrento Community Centre Board, following which you will be advise of the outcome.

'Association' Members can securely login here  to access SCC's Annual Financial Reports.

To apply for Association Membership click the "apply now" button below.

Basketball Memberships

Family Basketball Membership

All participants can now pay a $60 + GST annual membership fee. Registration enables maximum of 2 adults and including their children up to 17 years of age. The adults will become SCC Registered Members and Association Members. This gives access for unlimited training in the basketball stadium mid week and Sundays when available.

Basketball Stadium Membership

All participants can now pay a $20 + GST annual membership fee. Registration enables adults  over 18 years of age for unlimited training in the basketball stadium mid week 5pm to 7pm and Sundays 9am to 7pm when available. Bookings essential.

Business Affiliate Memberships

Business's can show their support in providing valuable sponsorship by means of a Membership Program annually of $250 + GST.

This is  inclusive of SCC Registration Levy, Associate Voting Membership and further details can be discussed of specific support to a preference of program, local charity or group.


Please call with centre manager Greg Hilton 0438 481 879


Insurance cover to protect Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses is provided through the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.


For many years, word of mouth information has been that the VMIA Insurance provided cover for any Sorrento Community Centre program participants. The Centre’s Insurance only provides protection for the staff, employees, volunteers and persons injured as a result of negligence by the Centre. Program participants wishing to extend their insurance would need to establish individual personal accident insurance.

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