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The good oil on COVID-19 Vaccines

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SCC Outreach Program

A Letter to Local Business People from our Chairman of the Board, Shane McMahon

Following a year of unprecedented challenges, at Sorrento Community Centre we are reaching out to connect with local business people to investigate how we may work collaboratively to bring the community together, rebuild and grow for the future.  

Much has been talked about how businesses are being tested to work differently; about how to operate and innovate to reach new markets so that businesses can be secured for the future; at the Centre this is also our reality. 

In the belief that COVID recovery will be most effective when starting at the grass roots, we would like to explore with you how best we can support your return to the new ‘COVID normal’.

Why are we approaching local businesses?

This is our way of ‘giving back’ to those businesses that have been most affected, while helping to re-build a strong, resilient community. This is a ‘no strings attached’ free offering to you.

What can Sorrento Community Centre bring to the table?                                                

For a start, we can leverage our considerably deep and wide networks, resources and communication channels. As your local independent community focussed organisation we may uncover other new ways we can support you.  

Should you respond to our approach?

Yes – if you want to reach more people.

Yes – if you want to promote your business or service.

How?   By email? Our regular Newsletter reaches over 1100 people living locally

Online? The Centre’s new website is proving to be a great way to attract local people. You can utilise the Sorrento Community Notice Board section on our website to promote your business, services, events or programs. You will need to provide an image, a brief description, contact details and potentially current offers and promotions.

Sorrento Community TV (‘YouTube’ channel) is also available to promote your business.  Just make a short (2-3 minute) video and we can upload this for you.

I don’t know how much you know about this channel – but we see it as a way of bringing our community together, to enable community businesses and organisations to have some ‘air time’ and for the community to learn more about your products and services.

And, don’t feel you have to stop at just one video – we can continue to post regular updates – just send your updates to Heather Barton, our Centre Manager. 

Need help? And by the way, Heather will be happy to assist by filming you (it will need to be at the Centre) should you need.

We also ask for a photo (to use as a thumbnail - for video/s to sit behind) – and any key messages that we can upload – as an introduction to your video on Sorrento Community TV.

Here’s the link so you can preview Sorrento Community TV:


Social Media   Sorrento Community Centre’s Facebook page has a healthy and rapidly growing following – and is a great way to promote new products, or promotions.  Instagram will also available in the near future.

Over to you now to decide whether you wish to take up any of these offers or explore them further.

Please feel free to contact Heather at the Centre if you have any questions or wish to take the next step.  Contact details for the Centre are below.

Yours sincerely,

Shane McMahon


Sorrento Community Centre Board.


Sorrento Community Centre

860 Melbourne Road, Sorrento VIC 3943 (enter via Morce Avenue)

Phone: 5984 3360  (Open 9 to 5 weekdays)


Sorrento Community TV

We have initiated our very own YouTube channel. Here you will find a treasure trove of short videos from members of our community.

If you have a story, a skill, a passion or an idea for a video that you would like to share, we'd love to hear about it.

Click here to view our Sorrento Community TV

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Sorrento Community Notice Board

A market place of all the goings on in our community.  If you would like to promote an activity, event or program, you are in the right place.